My painting technique has developed over many years of painting in my spare time, mainly through experimentation and practice, as I have had no formal training in art.

  To begin with I painted entirely from memory and imagination but in 1976, I began going out with my easel and brushes to paint on location. In the early years, I worked in an "impressionist" kind of style, completing the whole painting on the spot, without any preliminary drawing and usually on the same day, trying to quickly capture the essence of the scene. As time went on, I started painting over two or more days, which meant trying to pick days with similar weather and lighting as the first day to complete the work.

To see an action replay of a plein-air painting being created, go to The Painting Process page.

  Following a serious accident causing spinal injuries in September 2011, I was unable to cope with the physical demands of painting out in the countryside. So, I began painting still-life subjects, which I could set up at home, creating the wineglass series.

  In 2013, I decided to try my hand at contemporary realism and began using photos I had taken as the source for my subjects. For the present, I am continuing with this style of painting but may yet take another new direction in the future.

    I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings.

Barney Miller